Rivers of blood gush out of his stomach. My mouth is a cave. I am a statue. He is now nothing more than a memory.


The Black Girl Speaks of Her Lava(Lover)

I have known lava; I have known lava as soon as the foundations of the earth were created and completely made Since it was instantly placed in my weak veins even the varicose veins and it replaced my joy, boy I was dismayed!   My soul has become still like water like my Father told … Continue reading The Black Girl Speaks of Her Lava(Lover)

“My Peace I Leave You My Peace I Give You”

  The peace of the Most High God and the pleasing peace of mind, These are powerful gifts that no man can buy nor can he find. Only God can give such priceless and timeless things; The joy that truly surpasses all understanding, The hope of progress in the midst of distress. “Shalom! Be still!” … Continue reading “My Peace I Leave You My Peace I Give You”

To Steal, Kill and Destroy

A story for you guys written by me. Awkwardly standing by the mini funfair ride, Joe could not help but fidget with his fingers and wring his wrists. A perfectly formed translucent bead of sweat slowly trickled down from his greasy, matted brown hair past his left temple then taking the unusual route of rolling … Continue reading To Steal, Kill and Destroy


To torment. Cause tumult, headache, Heartbreak And give me shakes.   Remembered stories are my memories. My memories are sinking deep, creeping in, seeping within my mind filling me like a mine. Terrible thoughts full of terror, nightmares of demons like terrorists who can't resist me and then they kill me. Ones of men raping … Continue reading Nightmares

Praise is What I Need to Do

I must praise my Lord I really need a three strand cord So I sing with the Church *The Church is Jesus as his head and Christians as his body. See below: Verse page" data-hasqtip="5" aria-describedby="qtip-5">Colossians 1:18 He is also head of the body, the church; and He is the beginning, the firstborn from the … Continue reading Praise is What I Need to Do

Separated Magnets 2

To read part one click here Separated Magnets Caring was over baring now I'm left staring at the photographic images which replay in my memory. Now you've gone distant with your energy far beyond pass our synergy the chemistry of these two magnets has turned into madness, rebelling enemies. Repelling jealousy started the end for … Continue reading Separated Magnets 2


"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and comes down from the Father of lights" James 1:17 For many years, a lonely cold front with a stone-cold heart moved around spreading colds and committing cold-blooded attacks. He enjoyed putting icicles like daggers deep in peoples' hearts, which caused their fiery love to … Continue reading Ignition

The Police

They unecessarily stop and search a black person. Heartache. They unessecarily restrain a black person. Heartache. They fail to help a black person who is the victim of a crime. Heartache. They say a black person has committed a crime when they have not. Heartache. They attack a black person. Heartache. They kill a black person. … Continue reading The Police

Crimson Estuaries

Give me your life, the blood flowing through your arteries. Complete the transfusion 'til you lose your final drop. Cells line up waiting to revive me, so do not stop. Each blood drop forms the flow of the current like a mighty rushing river or electrical energy bringing me back to life. Your haemorrhage, your … Continue reading Crimson Estuaries

Naughty by Nature Obedient by Grace

Man made up of chemicals Created for good Exists to love his Father   Sadly, a false tale is heard Man steals God's apple Snake wounds with his mouth and tail   So God descends from above Graceful like a dove He frees and heals them with love   God renews Man's life Man is … Continue reading Naughty by Nature Obedient by Grace

Merry Christmas !!!

The Nativity A shining star glows on this silent night Shedding light on a saviour child, The promised child who is here for the Wise Men, the Shepherds and Mary to see. Unfolding before the observers eyes is the prophecy in Genesis three Of the Virgins child crushing the ancient serpents head But for now … Continue reading Merry Christmas !!!

The Poets and Poetry Show

Every Monday between four and six pm, Power Xtra Radio host a show called "The Poets and Poetry Show". It features poets and spoken word artists' songs as well as live interviews and performances. If you are a poet or spoken word artist and you would like your work or yourself to be featured on … Continue reading The Poets and Poetry Show

If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Revisionist History." When I was at college I chose the wrong subjects.I chose Law and Psychology. These were bad because the former was a soft subject so respected by many universities and Psychology was boring and had weird doctrines I did not agree with. If I could … Continue reading If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time

Don’t You Forget About Me

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Don’t You Forget About Me." Last year I attended a spoken word/poetry show of Debris Stevenson's. It was amazing! She performed several spoken word pieces and there were other great performers. Her words and movements ensured that the audience would not forget about her. After the show, I wrote … Continue reading Don’t You Forget About Me

Oxford Brookes International Poetry Competition

The Oxford Brooke Poetry Centre is hosting an international poetry competition to celebrate the diversity in English written poetry worldwide.There are two categories: an English as a Second Language category for thsoe who speak English as a learnt language and an open categry for those who speak English as a first language. The competition is … Continue reading Oxford Brookes International Poetry Competition

Stand Up and Spit

On Thursday 18th June 'The Big One' will be hosting a poetry/spoken word event called Stand Up & Spit. They are celerating rantng poetry with a line up of John Cooper Clarke, John Hegley, Linton Kwesi Johnson & Phill Jupitus. There will be comedy, politics, rhythm and rhyme and word play. For moe information click the link below: http://www.speaking-volumes.org.uk/events/stand_up_and_spit/ The poetry … Continue reading Stand Up and Spit

George the Poet’s Tour

One of my favourite poets,'George the Poet' is on tour. He is a Ugandan born in England and grew up in North West London. He began his career aged 15 as a grime artist but branched into poetry when he realised it would help him communicate his social and political messages more clearly. His tour … Continue reading George the Poet’s Tour