Yesterday, July 7th, I went to a poetry event in Shoreditch called the Floacist.Natalie Stewart’s from Floetry event. It was fun;there was loud old school rnb music and lots of excited people.There were two halves called vortex where over ten poets performed poetry n each. I was first. I was nervous but I read clearly and I received positive feedback.

The first person I spoke to was a man called Deji we seemed to get along. To my surprise his friend who arrived later was Henry Stonez a poet  I network with on what makes the whole situaiton stranger is that I hear him live on the radio just the day before. Stranger than fiction.

I enjoyed  myself and I would like to do it once more. The next event is August 4th.There are Floacist events every month on the first Tuesday.

Below is the poem I read:
He was a vision in white shining bright that summer night with an S on his vest and crowned in a halo; a  golden glow
Our mutual friend from university unbeknownst to her presented and paraded before me  the prince on his high horse, my knight in shining armour
They had been in their clique for years while I had been with them for a month
Each day I would say a little prayer for him to bless his heart and warm his soul but all he gave me were cold expressions on his face; he gave me no favour
Meanwhile, she was planning on transforming their friendship…alone; thankfully, he was always with his friends or on his iPhone

I approached him and his friends and to my surprise his face lit up and he stepped closer
Nervously, I reached out for his hand to show him mine and the love of God the Father
It was a risk for I was uncertain about his motives and intention
“Was his fascination based on carnal desires or a sign of affection?”
I stepped out onto a tightrope without a mat or net to catch me
I leaped out of the plane without a parachute
I left the universe and I took off to a foreign galaxy
But he looked up into my eyes and held my hand
Breath left his perk pink lips transforming into notes for me in my ear gate entering my soul and it sounded nothing short of sweet talk, I knew in him I had found a home

I landed safely in a new world
We were all alone in the trans-world like Eden’s garden had been preserved
For us, time and space had been adjourned
We climbed the great mountains of spice and we rowed on the rivers of light
In the spring night sky rain fell from on high
Like the sacred liquid love from the Father above, gentle like a turtledove
We danced to birdsong and laughed all night long and we had a billion butterflies, which burst into fireflies Metamorphosing into a multitude of vivid colours like the multi-coloured, multifaceted wisdom of God
Like a double rainbow for only our hooked and rose tinted eyes and out of our bellies rivers of replenshing waters flowed for each other.

His mind was as deep as the ocean

His heart was as big as the canyon

His kisses were so sweet and his embraces were so heart-warming and heart healing

He was a temple of God and between his temples was an ocean of wisdom

The most beautiful part of him was the light buried under his skin like a lamp within an antique shop waiting to be discovered and uncovered

He was a candle under a bowl that should have been a light on a hill

He had the morning star in his eyes

I saw the reflection of the Son, the Son of God, lit up in his eyes dashing in the deep dark night like satellites

He was a strong soldier

He was dressed in admirable armour:

A helmet of salvation, a breastplate of righteousness and shoes of peace for he was so holy and kingly; a king-priest unto God

Greater is he who lived in him than he who lives in this world for when he spoke, he spoke with authority,his voice produced tranquillity and he was in majesty

He proved chivalry and Calvary are something I can believe in it for he had a good spirit because he had the Son of God in it

Therefore, I will always slip on his slippers of peace and rest him within my chest guarding him like a treasure chest or great conquest


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