“My Peace I Leave You My Peace I Give You”


The peace of the Most High God and the pleasing peace of mind,

These are powerful gifts that no man can buy nor can he find.

Only God can give such priceless and timeless things;

The joy that truly surpasses all understanding,

The hope of progress in the midst of distress.

“Shalom! Be still!” God commanded the wind and the waves

Then his friends were at ease, therefore seized being fear’s slaves.

Suddenly, the howling wind waned until it could be heard no more.

Supernaturally, they could worship in the ship and land on the shore.

Under Messiah’s authority, they had joy and tranquility.

The pain killer and life giver are one and the same;

It is God who heals our disease and frees us from pain.

The blind see and the deaf hear when their Saviour draws near.

There are no side effects grieving them and they shed no tears;

He makes them feel simply great so they can just celebrate.

God is the Prince of Peace and the hope of nations.

He is the author and finisher of godly celebrations.

The peace he freely gives is the key to victory over darkness;

It is the power to destroy evil and live life in its fullness.

All who wish to receive it can they just need to trust in the Son of Man.


*Jesus is the Master and he has peace that is why I call him Masterpeace. Also he is lovely like a masterpiece.


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