Spoken Word London

Last week Wednesday, I went to an open mic event in Dalston Kingsland. It was a spoken word/poetry event.

When I  arrived I ended up walking past the venue cause it was so small and there was no sign; someone standing outside the building had to let me know where it was.I walked in and I was greeted by a very bubbly man called Stuart;I later fond out that he was hosting the event.

I was the first person to perform my poem that I have posted earlier on this blog called That Moment When Someone Loves You Back. I thought I did well but I was told I could be seen visibly shaking. I did not mind cause I could always do better next time.

I listened to a variety of poems some long some short and some which involved audience participation.One poet  managed to get half the audience to join her.The host also performed. I enjoyed the more comedic poems then the serious ones. My favourite poem was about youth culture and my least favourite poem was one about urine that used the word piss countless amount of times.

I had fun at the event and I would like to go again when it resumes on 26th August.


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