On Wednesday 19th August, I was part of a flashmob in Carnaby Street near Oxford Street. I was with about 17 other participants.It was a spoken word flashmob.

The group met up in RADA studios and it was our first time meeting each other. We were recorded. We were allocated lines to speak by the spoken word artist called Dee then started choreography. We made several adjustments then we met the next day in the Salvation Army in central London.We went through the routine a few times and made last minute adjustments.

Later on, we performed in Carnaby Street. The public was caught unaware and people were curious to know what was going on when they saw the cameras and more so at the beginning of the performance. It started with the main performer a spoke n word artist called Dee placing a box down and climbing on top before being joined by singers and a beatboxer. Then they started speaking, beatboxing and singing. Next they were joined by a couple of extras who performed the poem followed by the next group after some more lines of the poem were performed followed by more and so on until the whole group was performing. I was in the last group.

After the performance we dispersed into the crowd to make  it like an actual flashmob.We were given  a round of applause and questioned by some members of the audience.We performed it three times.

I met some really nice people, had fun and I would love to do it again.

You can watch the performance from today at 6pm onwards here:



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