Black History Month

It is the month where people in the UK honour black people and the contribution blacks have made to the UK. In honour of Black History Month, I have written a poem about slavery. I could have written a poem about the contribution blacks have brought but I felt it was important to remember a huge part of black history.Below is my poem. After that is a spoken word piece that I believe honours the achievements of Blacks.

Redemption Song

Folk were forced into rituals
And they were in bondage and bandages.
They were suffering and offering old Negro spirituals.
Consequently, moved by compassion, Christ showed his passion.
He put out the burning crosses then he put himself on the cross
And he bought back the slaves
And he held them like babes
Empowering his people and elevating them like steeples.
They were now his chosen people, a royal priesthood.

I called it Redemption Song because it was about Christ redeeming his people so making them free naturally and also redeeming them from spiritual slavery by taking out of  bondage from sin and saving their souls. Also, it is the name of a song by Bob Marley, a black man whose ancestors were slaves.


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