The Coming Revival



The Coming Revival

London’s burning! London’s burning!

Can you hear the engines racing?

Can you feel the temperature heating up as you approach the M1?

I can see a dark, thick and great cloud of smog looming over the horizon.

This is not an ordinary fire

It’s bringing warmth to cold souls,

It’s giving us a holy desire

And it’s filling us like bowls.

It’s purifying the city,

It’s burning up delinquency,

It’s tempering both young and old

And it’s refining hearts of gold.

This inferno fans itself and directs the cool wind away from the metropolis.

Nothing can quench this blaze;

The firemen couldn’t nor could the water cannon of the police.

All who see stand amazed.

Who would have believed the report that the flames of the Spirit would descend from above?

Who would have thought that this city could be completely consumed by hot, fiery love?

From Buckingham Palace to the London Palladium;

From Westminster Palace to Wembley Stadium.


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