Mancubs 2


Below is my revised poem:


The irony is mancubs seem to be raised in the jungle just like Mowgli from the Jungle Book literally was. They do not seem to be raised by parents but by wolves perhaps wolves in sheep clothing so they are unaware they were raised badly so ought to learn new things and change.


“And I often stopped by to see how Mowgli the mancub, was getting along” from the jungle book

Just a bunch of Mowglis they are just little mancubs.

Mancubs are self-gratifying, self-pleasing and selfish men who are on the hunt for emotionally weary women to play with like a toy like a little boy on a Gameboy.

They are really boys stuck, trapped and locked in a man’s body who only care about their bodies.

They lure their victims into their lair through sweet talk and sweet nothings leaving them with just that, nothing!

They stretch out their arms as wide as the east is west embracing a torn and tattered soul in need of a bandage but tricked into bondage.

Callously, they bang the poor souls leaving them sore and like jigsaws i.e. in pieces and they steal their peace.

Then they suck the love and life out of them, break their hearts and tear their lives apart.

In short, they entice, seduce and reduce us to used, abused and confused messes.


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