The Story of Us

Below is an updated version of a poem I wrote last year

He was a vision in white shining brightly that summer night with an ‘s’ on his vest and crowned in a halo, a golden glow.

I was hypnotised by his big brown eyes and I was so captivated by his overall beauty that I couldn’t see the other people at the party; I had tunnel vision and I was on a mission to make him mine.

I had a billion butterflies, which burst into fireflies but I approached him and his face lit up and he stepped closer.

I was uncertain about his motives and intention,

I wondered, “Was I an object of his erection or his affection?”

Thankfully, he didn’t grope me or see me as a toy to play with like a boy with a Gameboy.

He wasn’t a player or a heartbreaker he was simply a heartthrob that made my heart throb, my palms sweat and panties get wet.

I realised that he was not only beautiful externally but internally too.He was very lovely and very funny. A perfect combination that unlocked the padlock on my heart.

He made me feel so good with his sweet talk and sweet nothings that ironically built me up so when he said, “we should find somewhere to be alone” I followed him home.

Initially, I didn’t intend to sleep with him but I was in too deep by this time and it wasn’t a crime so we engaged in fore play before we played the game of love.

His soft lips brushed against mine and it felt divine then he caressed me gently and I rubbed his back just like that and he placed his hand on my thigh forming a soul tie binding and intertwining our hearts.

Before I knew it I had melted unto his body while his love seeped into my body,

Then beads of sweat formed on my neck like a rosary;

I prayed that the night would never end.

Unfortunately, the big, black blanket above became blue but our love for each other was like glue for we were inseparable from then onwards.


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