Separated Magnets



It’s been a while since you left me alone and it’s been a while since I was in your home.

I had nobody to talk to or turn to but I didn’t want to because it wouldn’t have been with you

So I wasn’t able to bloom for I was consumed by gloom.

I needed you but you arrested my heart then ripped it apart when you parted ways with me.

I confess I messed up, but you were not the one I wanted to abuse it’s just I had too many issues

So by the time you received the presents I wanted to give you they had been damaged by a demonic presence,

Which presented before you a picture in which I tried to deplete you of joy but all I wanted was to complete you and gift you with love and peace and the best piece of me.

Then I’d have used the rest of me as a recipe for your gladness but my efforts only caused you sadness so they were a recipe for disaster

But I wanted to give you laughter and see you smiling and the sun shining on you.

I believe in second chances so take a chance on me and I won’t let you down I promise.

I’m back and I’m better; my heart is bigger and there’s nobody better than me.

I took the time to become fluent in your love language so I can finally express how I really feel about you.

I’m down for you and I’m up for a life with you.

I understand your worries but baby believe me when I say that I have grown up and owned up to my sins and I want to right my wrongs because I know that with me is where you belong.

It would be a shame if you ignored the flame that’s rekindling in your heart because if you do such a cold thing you would turn into a extinct volcano unable to ever allow love to flow out of you.

Sweetheart you’re the best all you have to do is say yes.

Why do you look puzzled? Do you want to complete your puzzle by putting me in it or not?




2 thoughts on “Separated Magnets

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