Life (Re) Cycles

I did not want to feel this pain again.
But life is a bitch; it’s only good for barking and biting.It caused me grief when it dug its teeth deep into me reopening a wound.

I don’t want to accept that I am back where I had started as if I had never departed the state I was in last year. I have been abandoned in the state of depression again. My issues came through my mother’s placenta and entered me through my tissues forever.

Painful memories rush back to the future burying themselves deep into my heart, the haunting ones I thought I had left behind.
They’re waging war on the alcohol I’m drowning my liver in so I’m living in depression; I cannot escape reality for the life of me but these thoughts will be the death of me.

I almost drowned in despair back in February when my home was flooded with problems from other people’s sewers.
It felt like skewers were placed in my stomach and it caused problems that were too hard to stomach.

Waterfalls will bow their heads in shame when they see the water that’s falling from my eyes now.
My soul is slowly evaporating out of my body so soon I will not have a body but I already have nobody
To save me this time around so I guess I am hell-bound but until I reach my final destination I will endure this troubling sensation.


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