Crimson Estuaries


Give me your life, the blood flowing through your arteries.

Complete the transfusion ’til you lose your final drop.

Cells line up waiting to revive me, so do not stop.

Each blood drop forms the flow of the current like a mighty rushing river or electrical energy bringing me back to life.

Your haemorrhage, your deep hurting, humbling hindrance is what lets me know that I am the only one you’ll adore, have eyes for, enamour.

I’m the grape, dark and sweet and you’re the vine it’s your love that gives me joy like the strongest vintage red wine, so there’ll be a constant outpour.

Uncontrollable waterfalls gush down to wake you.

I have all your love so I place you within my chest.

Take my love; let it preserve you like salt and rest.


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