Your love is like water

You are a temple of God and between your temples is an ocean of wisdom so I swim very deeply in a shallow world.

You grasped so much about me by  having an open mind; in fact, you used a cast net to catch me out of the lake of fire.

You cleansed me by washing me with the water of the Word.

I am refreshed because I have finally met someone who showers me with love.

Your love is like light

Within your black eyes, I see the reflection of such great glory, it is the Son, the Son of God

They are like two satellites lighting up the deep dark night.

You are so humble like a candle under a bowl that should be a light on a hill.

You cause my life to be so bright so I will always shed light on you for the world to see your beauty.


(I found the second picture after writing the poem and I knew I had to include it-it fitted so well with it, what a coincidence.Jesus catches people out of the lake of fire or prevents them I should say from going there but people can help by telling people about Jesus.)


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