Red Sea


I just want to get drunk and release these feelings.

I want to fly up to the ceiling.

I wanna get gone and leave home.

I want to run away to the runway and take off and just get lost.

I have too many flaws so I’m leaving the floor.

In fact, I’m leaving all my baggage behind at the airport and I’m jetting off like an export.

I don’t care about reality.

My heart is yearning for a fantasy.

I want to swim in the sea of daydreams so I’m drowning in this alcohol because I don’t need this pain at all; I just want to be comfortable.

At least here I have nothing to lose at all I cannot fall; I cannot fail.

Before I was caught up in a perfect storm but now I am caught up in the rapture of love.

I’m in love with this new feeling there’s nothing better than this, it’s bliss.


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