Separated Magnets 2


To read part one click here Separated Magnets

Caring was over baring now I’m left staring at the photographic images which replay in my memory. Now you’ve gone distant with your energy far beyond pass our synergy the chemistry of these two magnets has turned into madness, rebelling enemies. Repelling jealousy started the end for me.

Sophisticated suffocation brought us to power struggles with these sour cuddles & now your eyes are filled with shower puddles. The pain has doubles now the subtraction has taken place. How I miss that glow on your face now all I see is the demon dreaming that we never existed.

Chipped heart slipped darts now lips speak from the dark, How did we lost our spark? The art it faded cause this fart smell is blatant. I admit I could of gave you more time but you were blind & made me question if you were really mine, mixed signals & signs.

We both became complacent complaining about the basic, toxic and invasive. Now chasing what we knew as our status frustrating & impatient. Now were left facing the damage pacing with our minds racing.

Can’t you see how much I loved you and tried to not put no one else above you. I ripped out my heart for you, now I’m heartless. Regardless that will be overlooked, you were my drug & I was hooked. Deeply shocked that we had to detox and now your being drained from my system.

Your the piece to my puzzle that is missing but what’s different. When your left fishing & the only fish you had has gone. See baby I always knew you were the one. I want to right my wrongs because I know that with me is where you belong.

It would be a shame if I couldn’t claim you & rekindle your hearts flame too. You are heat from the sun rays bringing brightness to my day. Cause of your warmth & comfort I miss your love in abundance. My love flows in abundance for you.My blood flows for you. Straight out of my heart.

So snookers you are the best & all you have to do is say yes.

Why do you look so down? when I’m trying to show you that I’ll always be around.


By Cee Dee Situation


If you didn’t read part one click here to understand the whole story Separated Magnets


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