I am a  poet. I have been writing poetry since 2014 and I have won three competitions two of which were with Mouthy Poets and one was with Jean Jinta Breeze MBE and the Roundhouse theatre. I have written for Bibliophillia magazine.

My blog has poetry and blog posts/articles that I write.Some are about poetry and the poetry industry. Expect to see spoken word here soon. You can subscribe to get an email when I post something including spoken word which I have never put on this blog before. If you do you won’t miss anything new and you won’t have to keep coming here to check if I have written something or filmed something.

I like to explore minds and paint them in my poems .My poems are like different souls.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello! When I first saw your blog, I didn’t like the circles that represented your posts. It looked confusing. But the formatting makes sense and could have a great effect on people because you write poetry. That said, maybe you could change the colours of your “Home”, “About”, etc. titles? They were kind of hard to find.


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