I have been writing poetry since 2013. I like to explore minds and paint them in my poems so my poems are like different souls. I have won three competitions two of which were with “Mouthy Poets” and one was with Jean Jinta Breeze MBE and the Roundhouse theatre. Also,I have written for Bibliophillia magazine.

My blog has poetry and blog posts or articles that I write.Some are about poetry and the poetry industry. They do not express my real life,views,opinions or beliefs unless I clearly state that one does. Expect to see spoken word here in the new year(2018). You can subscribe to get an email when I post something including spoken word, which I have never put on this blog before! If you do you won’t miss anything new and you won’t have to keep coming here to check if I have written something or filmed something to show you guys (and girls).




2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello! When I first saw your blog, I didn’t like the circles that represented your posts. It looked confusing. But the formatting makes sense and could have a great effect on people because you write poetry. That said, maybe you could change the colours of your “Home”, “About”, etc. titles? They were kind of hard to find.


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